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The Myths About How The Halloween Came into Being
October 31st in the United States is marked for the most fun filled holiday- The Halloween. This is a family celebration. The word ‘Halloween’ is derived from “All Hallow’s Eve” also known as All Saints Day. This day is set apart by the church for remembering all the saints who lead an exemplary life. “Samhain” is the ancient Celtic name of Halloween.

Since it is a family celebration time, the parents help their kids in getting dressed up in scary costumes looking like ghosts and ghouls. Then the kids go to their neighbors for what is called “trick or treating” . The neighbors are expected to give the kids some kind of treat like candies. Apart from trick or treating, families come together to carve pumpkins that have scary faces. They keep it on their balconies with light glowing inside to give a scary look. Many parents entertain their kids by telling them scary stories to keep them occupied.

Customs and Traditions are Important
Halloween has its roots in the ancient customs and traditions. The Celtic New Year was November 1. It is stated that the Celts believed that on the eve of the New Year, the passage that between the living and the dead people are opened. The spirits will then mingle with the living people to possess them. Another legend states that the Celts used to don scary costumes to scare of the spirits that roamed the streets. Sometimes the spirits were offered food to ward them off their troubles.

Bonfires are lit which has its roots again in another legend. According to this legend, the fires in the homes were extinguished. This way the spirits won’t find the houses inviting. And then the fires are lit after taking an ember from the holy fire. Faeries which are mythical creatures were believed to go begging for food during Samhain. The family that gave them food got blessed and others were punished. This is how the “trick or treat” tradition began.

A permanent fixture is the Jack o’ lantern that was used to carry ember from the holy fire. At the same time, it was believed that it will scare away the ghost of Jack who roamed around because he was denied entry into heaven and hell. The Halloween bestows a chance to enjoy with family. Combining all the legends and the modern adaptations it has become one of the widely enjoyed holiday in the US as well as other parts of the world.

Rope In A Halloween Party Planner to Host The Best Halloween Party
Throwing a Halloween party is very a big task that involves a lot of details that have to be considered. Often it is not possible to handle everything. In such cases a Halloween party planner will help to organize a superb party. These planners not only take care of kid’s parties but can also set up a party for the adults too.

Plan According to Your Budget
The first thing to be considered is the budget. Care has to be exercised to see that the expenses stay well within the confines of the budget. The money allotted should be enough to pay for the decorations, food and games. Once this is decided, the Halloween party planner will ask you to provide them with a list of guests you intend to invite. The theme for the party will also be decided and the decorations too. It is necessary that the invitations are sent in advance. Usually the invitations are designed according to the theme of the party. If there are kids who are being invited then the games have to be decided and the necessary things have to be called in.

Music and Food in the Halloween Parties
Music plays a very important role in Halloween parties. You can ask the planner to rope in a DJ who will play the appropriate music. The benefit of getting the services of a Halloween party planner is that the host need not sweat over the details. He/she only has to give his ideas and what he expects at the party. The planner will likewise act on the requirements and plan a wonderful party.

Along with the Halloween party planner, you can plan the decorations like placing Jack o’ Lanterns at appropriate places. One can also hang cobwebs and spiders here and there to create an eerie feeling. Along with the candles and artificial bats the décor is complete.

Food is a very important part of any party. Hence, it is necessary that there is no shortage. No Halloween party is complete unless punch is served. Usually a blood red punch works best keeping in mind the décor.

Make sure that there is a person to play the part of a fortune teller. If the party is for kids a magician will be the best. Finally go through the whole details with the Halloween party planner. If there are some last minute changes then complete them and host the best Halloween party ever hosted by anyone.